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Susan Olsen
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The Southern Poverty Law Center needs to be classified as a hate group.
The best way to thank Eric Allen Bell is by donating to his site. That boy's going to need to pay for security;-( Go here
Let's thank Eric Allen Bell for the courageous job that he has done on this!
Actually there is one female who has dared to make a statement. Joan Jett performs for the troops and had the guts to perform in a burka then take it off and stomp on it on stage. She was asked not to do that again, as it might endanger people. Madonna and other celebutards hide behind cowardly causes. They scratch at the thinnest vineer of the issues then declare themselves deep.
Beyond brilliant, as always!
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Don't worry about what others expect of you. Go wherever that marvelous mind takes you. We are lucky that you share it. oxoxo
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