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Susan Reynolds
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Paul, thanks for the review - it was helpful to learn about this. It's hard to find the app when you're IN facebook. I seemed to remember your tweet about typepad having a new facebook app but the only way I found it was to google - and I found YOU and the right information. Just tried it out & it worked fine w/ typepad - twitter & tumblr too Now if we can get it to post to I'll be happy. Thanks for the pointer to this.
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I love this idea, Fran! I'm not a with it blogger by any means and the learning curve is steep! But I'm looking forward to someone (you perhaps?) giving me the meme treatment. Guess who's going to link back to you when I post this info on my blog?
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Fran, I happened onto your writing from the blog "A life in Wales" and I have to tell you I'm very taken by your writing style - not to mention the stories. I hope to get the time to peek in on your life from time to time and hope you'll visit me as well. Your mother and grandmother issues are classic and universal I think. Hopefully since I need to learn a lot of lessons on both, some of your experiences will be beneficial. I'm just learning about this whole blogging thing and am loving the example you're setting. Maybe I'm not too old to learn new tricks? Susan Reynolds
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