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I hope this isn't a duplicate comment Pat. apologies if it is ... clouds bring much needed rain to water the plants and trees, and our souls too ..
We're all in difficult times. Who knows what will evolve .... hopefully peace above all will prevail. Thanks Pat, thought provoking post.
This is just beautiful of you and Hans Pat, thank you for sharing it! I'm smiling looking at it - your happiness is infectious!
Walking & wandering - time to wonder at the beauty of Mother Nature in all her glory. Truly magnificent Pat. I can only imagine the peace and joy at such a sight - thank you for sharing your photo.
So beautiful! What is the Mailander? How lovely to have these photographs and memories!
So gorgeous Patricia! Nature in all her beauty and glory!
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Feb 29, 2016
HI Pat, I know of the hullabaloo around the black white issue and the according of Oscars. It is a pervasive illness I think when race comes into this or any area of art, sport, writing, acting ability inter alia - and while I agree that is important that the inequalities between races is an important one, it is beyond dreadful when acknowledgement or prizes are given based on the colour of one's skin. What happened to ability, achievement in one's area of expertise? It reminds me of an incident many years ago when a class mate of my son Michael was awarded a scholarship for his high school. The ruckus that ensued ... many said that as this boy came from a relatively well-off family, it should have gone to someone of lesser means. Forget about his ability or his hard work - There seems to be a dumbing down on may levels and the slide into mediocrity is apparent to those who have eyes that can see. All acknowledgements in whatever way should be on merit. Thank you for raising this ...
Too sad Pat, eloquently stated. History repeats itself because we don't learn, it's as if we're in denial. Freud called it the 'reptition compulsion' . But, I think we are learning, our hearts are becoming bigger and more compassionate.
Patricia, I am glad to be getting to this albeit belatedly. We are surely at a turning point in our history. Things cannot go on the way that they are - the consequences are horrible to imagine. The question of accepting thousands of immigrants into borders is a big question for which there are no straightforward answers. If they are accepted then things have to be put in place by the govt whose borders they are within, like housing, even if temporary tents with accessibility to food, water etc. And those countries from which the refugees fled - those have to be sorted out once and for all if it is a case of sharia law and whatever else. The refugees can in time return when things are peaceful and there is a plan in place for betterment of all, to their homeland. Well, I could go on and on - Here in South Africa we have 4 million Zimbabwean who have fled from Mugabe's regime and many, many more from other African countries, including Nigeria (of which a great concern that too many of them are involved in drug smuggling) - we have xenophobia occurring every now and then - and a government in power (esp at the higher echelons) that causes all of us, black pink green yellow a great deal of concern. Thank you for this post. Our purpose in life is not to die the way so many do ... we cannot sit back ...
So, the zenith beckons, as it does for all of us ... what an extraordinary adventure they and we have all been on. Thank you dear Pat for taking on these heart mind body and soul journeys, always with your quiet patient voice, beckoning, come along, come along now ... thank you.
O very alarming Pat; the tension was unbearable! But ... it's from within that she will come through ...
onwards and upwards, even if uncertain... ever stretching, ever-changing. Thank you dear Pat ...
Thank you Pat dear one. Do you know it's Shakespeare's birthday today? I didn't until it was pointed out to me ... The child and the Prophet are getting in deeper and deeper on their journey ... it's been such a terrific ride ... (and I would like to know what an infinitive is ...)
Such wise words between the Prophet and the child so beautifully written by such a wise woman, Pat, thank you.
As soon as I saw 'Row' as your R post Pat, that song came to mind ... it's up to each and everyone of us to treat the world and its inhabitants with love and care, respect and responsibility towards self and others. Thank you for this beautiful post.
Ah beautiful Pat thank you. Quiet, time to reflect. I love the play and interconnectedness of these words as the child learns the value of quietude and the Prophet shows by example ..
Ah, to pause and reflect, be quiet and still ... go away for a while with Mr. Eagle and then come back to eat, and hear a story and pause. Perfect Paradise thank you dear Patricia
Ha ha! Thanks for the smile Patricia! Quite delightful as the child learns from the ever caring Prophet ..
Interesting what Gwynn said about staying on the path. I hadn't thought of that. Like the child I would have been concerned about going in the wrong direction, on the face of it. I got scared, especially when she sank and the Prophet faded. But her faithful friends came by and her faith was restored. But where o where is the Prophet? Thank you Pat - I await with bated breath.
Just lovely Patricia. I can see the child continually growing as she learns through these exchanges so beautifully created by you in dialogue. Thank you.