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No - the video matches the news report link. It was in Canada.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2011 on SPEAKING OF CLASSY at Dave Barry's Blog
Also heard a story about a guy who put his penis in in a high powered vacuum hose and it almost traumatically amputated his penis. My doc friend said his penis was black/purple in the ER.
Remember a patient a doc mentioned to me that had wedged a chicken bone in his a$$ & couldn't get it out. The guy let it fester for a couple of weeks & got a nasty infection.
It's time to start field work.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2011 on ATTENTION, NOBEL PRIZE JUDGES at Dave Barry's Blog
January January January!!!! He is HOT!
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2011 on CHRISTMAS IS COMING at Dave Barry's Blog
He's hot for his age. He could rescue me any day. Glad he's fighting age discrimination. We are about the only country left that recognizes it in the courts.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2011 on WE REVERE THIS MAN at Dave Barry's Blog
Dave, The link for scheduled appearances does not work.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2011 on STRUMPET ALERT at Dave Barry's Blog
I thought it was pretty funny. Gotta admit the guy has a pretty good shot.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2010 on ATTENTION, TRICK-OR-TREATERS: at Dave Barry's Blog
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Aug 13, 2010