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Susie W
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So glad to see your post, although I admit I didn't read it in full to know what's wrong with Facebook. Facebook is like Twitter only with some more space for detail. It is a newswire. No way to "search" a wall. Months, years of knowledge lost in a long stream. Discussions that don't really encourage discussion or permanence. Worst of breed functionality: Event invitations that most people don't see; Evite or email still rules that. Simply it is good for real time (now, before an event, after an event) socializing and brands to put messages in front of people. Ning and other "old school" social networks like Tribe were much better at community building and knowledge capture, and meaningful discussion. I actually have been "sad" lately at how much time people spend on Facebook knowing it's difficult to get them involved in another community where real discussions happen -- that won't immediately be buried by the "latest". Oh right, they're called forums. I'm glad that LinkedIn is maturing in that way with groups and comments and am tempted to remove a lot of "business connections" from my friend's list on Facebook so I can make posts that I'd only want friends to see without spending a lot of time thinking about what I post. Thanks for bringing this to light, not so much for Facebook to step up but for others to know there are people who don't find FB as the be all or substitute for full fledged online community. PS - Email still rules and I'm sad that the younger generation who eschews email won't have a history of conversations w/friends to look back at, lost in texts and Facebook.
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Nov 1, 2010