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Sussy Hidalgo
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There is a lot to talk about this, including discrepancies, but what I want to know is how can you ACCEPT hunger, because when I am really hingry I am weak, can't do anything and sometimes even my stomach aches.
Does time pass through us OR do we pass through time?
WOW! Yes,our thinking is limited by the use of words. And no, we will never know because there is just one God and that is not you or me or anybody else.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2011 on Divine Molecular Recycling at Ed Miller's blog
I agree with you in most of what you say, we should practice gratefulness to the *Dispenser* of the Divine Graces, to thank for the grace of being in this Universe, here and now. There is a plan for us, each one of us. I don't believe in accidentes. We also should practice laughter, a lot of it, and maybe laugh at ourselves, lighten up. But I desagree with you in that you feel foolish for wanting, pine, (I learned this word today) signs of warmth, kindness, love, etc. We need to feel those things, we were created in that way. I also wish the same things and I don't feel foolish for that, although I feel foolish for many other things, among then for expresing my feelings here.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2010 on Laughter, gratefulness at Ed Miller's blog
Ed, it's so difficult to express what I feel reading this beautiful poem that you wrote only two months after Linda's death. I also feel united with this Universe, with All creation and the Creator of all, whose Divine Graces we constantly receive. As part of the Universe and the Heaven Linda is blessing you. At the end it seems to me that you are encouraging us to leave in the moment:
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Oct 3, 2010