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What is going on AGAIN!!! Tired of problems. First of all I have no more room. I need a bigger farm. More storage would be nice but not what I want to do with the items I have purchased w/ farm cash. Every time I am on you have technical problems. I had a wild mustang that I cannot find anything about and what to do with it. BUT TOO LATE IT RAN OFF. MY ONLY DAY OFF AND I COULD NOT GET ON FOR OVER 8 HOURS. THE WEDDING THING IS STUPID. STOP ADDING SOOOO MANY NEW THINGS THAT U CANNOT KEEP UP WITH. My husband and kids have the wild mustang and it says 0/5 and what the heck to we do with them. Im sure they will run off too. U also posted earlier that u disabled kibble. well not mine I could not feed my dog a bone now I have to start the trick all over. Not fair to me when I faithfully fed him everyday and the only time I had to get on to feed him you had technical problems. I am loosing interest in this game. I like it but its getting to be annoying. When I first started the game I lost all of my farm cash because when you have a barn raising and do not finish I had a pop up to use farm cash. when u first start out you should explain farm cash a little more. now that I have been on I do know that. Also, I heard that this game goes to level 70 and thats it. If so why r u making it so easy 4 people to keep leveling up. U r just doing this so people can get 1 farm cash for each level faster. What happens after level 70????? PLEASE FIX YOUR ISSUES! GET RID OF THE WEDDING THING AND THE FARMERS MARKET. THEY R DUMB!!!!! Let people level up like I did w/ out xtras. Its more fun. BORING NOW!!!!!!!!!!
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May 29, 2010