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My impression is that the global warming theme is dying a slow death in the German media, as it is in the U.S. and U.K. media. The recent e-mail scandals of those politicized environmental scientists did a lot of damage for the Good Cause. They lied and suppressed and censored in an overt manner, and it was exposed. I think the fervor for the Save the Earth church will die a slow death. And hopefully, in our lifetime.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2010 on Educating the German Public at Davids Medienkritik
I'm sure that "social justice" is a loaded word for both Germans and Americans, without a lot of common meaning. Americans believe they have a chance to become more wealthy, while Germans believe and take pride in being a cog in the "Export Nation No.1" system, which provides them with a welfare state but in which they serve as servants for bigger powers in the country, far more than they do as autonomous consumers and citizens. "Team spirit" à la Germany. Americans have a chance to make a lot more of themselves, especially on a material basis; they really expect to make more money and do. Germans have more of this "Untertan" spirit in terms of fitting in well with the German export machine, which they perversely take pride in without having much else from it beside national pride and a guarantee by the state that they will be "taken care of." That's how it seems to me. But I do respect the German work ethic, so don't get me wrong. They are a hard-working people, do a thorough-going job and take pride in their labor. I'm not necessarily knocking that. I just wonder how long the Germans will be satisfied with working for a larger European Union! Plus it must be born in mind that Americans don't expect as much from the state as the Germans--and Europeans generally--do. Mama/Papa State vs. American pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.
When does the neo-Nazi Phil get banned from posting comments at this Web site? He has managed to sicken everybody from even bothering to make any comments anymore -- all the loyal old-timers are gone -- and you still have this vicious creep posting like there's no tomorrow. Is this what Davids Medienkritik wants, Ray and David? You're losing just about everyone else.
There is a certain conflict between abandoning this Web site due to the comments of Phil and the uniqueness of this Web site for what it reports and who is attracted to it. Because of Phil, I have unfortunately gotten less pleasure in reading this Web site. It's a shame for him to drive people away. He's pretty childish. His attacking of people and his racism and anti-Semitism make me wonder how it is he's been tolerated so long. But it's a fact.