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Hi, John: Thank you for this post; again, I have been made to think about what I really believe and not what my previous denomination instructed me to believe. I have been thinking about this issue for quite some time. My granddaughter has professed her faith in Christ, even though she is not being raised in a Christian home. She attends church regularly with friends and has expressed an interest in being baptized since she was 5; she is now almost 14. Her parents, my son and daughter-in-law, want her to wait until she is "old enough to make that decision on her own." As I am her grandmother and the one she learned about the Christian faith from in the first place, I believe I should defer to her parents' wishes. All of that to say this: She is pursuing Christianity and Christ on her own. I would like to see her baptized, but do not feel it is my place to go against her parents' wishes. I see nothing wrong with infant baptism as long as the parents carry out their promises to raise the child in the faith. I also agree that infant baptism should not be carried out with the thought that it is salvational; I was raised in family where that was the view, and as far as I know I am the only Christian in our family. Thanks again for addressing this issue and for making me think again and some more once again. Laurie Miller
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Jun 7, 2010