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What an incredible accomplishment by the Valve team. It's a great feeling to know that this went over very well. I was watching gameplay and it took me back to the Half Life 2 days. The ragdoll physics were what added a new sense a realism to the gameplay, comparatively to how the puzzles and other interactables add to the immersion in Alyx as well.
I could not agree more with the both of you. Day one culture is HUGE. As a Music VaRtist, this day one experience keeps itself fresh for so much longer I have felt. With the main focus on creating a cohesive experience that accompanies the music with a sense of purpose rather than just simply being a listening party, makes it feel much more like "a game within a music video within a game." My hope is to introduce more like minded artists who understand the medium to join in a movement to offer an even more engaging, thought provoking and allover immersive music experience.
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Apr 13, 2020