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Thanks for saying that Janet! Congrats Cassie! Enjoy your book. :) Thanks again Janet for wanting to pass along the giving spirit.
I wrote a short poem to express how I feel about what I'm grateful for here: 1. *~I am grateful for my family and friends, All the beautiful love that transcends From their hearts and straight to me, They make sure to encourage all they see. Giving support or lending an ear, They always make their comfort near. They are each unique presents wrapped in a bow, Bestowing great gifts of kindness and joy with a glow. I am so thankful to have all of them here, They guide me in the best direction to steer.*~ 2. The saint that I'm most inspired by at the present moment is St. Michael the Archangel. Fear and crimes are something you constantly witness streaming on the news, in your community or affecting your world. It can be a lot to handle or deal with and I'm glad to have this saint to turn to anytime worry comes up I make sure to give him a holler..a loud one at that. There is a constant 24/7 run of what to be afraid of, a new terrorist, another violent act, someone getting killed. It's hard to deal with these events or ever truly get them but St. Michael is an emblem for justice, truth, courage, protection, and I say we need all of those qualities more than ever.
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Nov 22, 2011