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SWEETPRINCESSPH added a favorite at Paris Hilton
Dec 26, 2011
SWEETPRINCESSPH added a photo at Paris Hilton
Dear @ParisHilton , This is the third time that I write you a letter but I have a thousand great things to say about you that it's never enough. Moreover , the fact that you have take time to read and answer at my 2 first letters made me realize that all our dreams even the most incredible become reality if we believe in it very strong.So , I hope you will see this new mail and that it will bring you a smile on your magnificient face. What I want to tell you is that besides being my model role, I consider you as one of my sisters. Indeed, you are so close to your fans as I have the impression to know you really.You represent the sister about whom everybody would dream to have. Indeed, you are very very attractive, first of all, but you have especially an innate taste for the fashion. You are always dressed with class and style and if you were my sister I know that we would spend of long hours to discuss clothes: you would give me advice to emphasize me and I can say that I am satisfied to wear the former clothes of my sister because they would be all very beautiful and in no way pokers. Also , you're a good example. Your kindness is without limit and your heart is golden. You look without ever waiting for anything in return just for the pleasure to create a smile on the face of a member of your family, a friend, a fan or even a passer-by. What celebrity communicates so much with people who admire her? Nobody is as you Paris: you are an angel fallen from the sky ! But what I like the most about you is that you're so creative.That you urge me to surpass me and to give myself completely in what I make. You have more than one string to your bow as we say: you are a radiant model, a great singer, a natural actress, an outstanding businesswoman, a creator with brilliant ideas. All this prove me that you would be a magnificent sister! My dream would be to meet you the next time when you come in France ! And who knows TinkerBell will realize my wish? Tenderly xoxo I love you so much Marlène or @SWETPRINCESSPH on twitter
Dec 26, 2011
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Dec 26, 2011
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Dec 26, 2011