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There's a Ben Lowy hipstamatic photo on the cover of Time this week. I'm sure if I had not read about this I never would have known how the photo was made. I stated my photo career as a wire service stringer in the early 80s. The only choices we had were Nikon F3/FM2 or Canon F1. We all used Tri-X, we heated up our chemistry to develop the film faster, we dried prints with a hair drier (or on our shirts) and did whatever else we had to do to get the photo to waiting newspapers as quickly as possible. If we had had digital cameras, or even iPhone cameras then, I think we would have gladly used them. iPhone It may not be the best choice for archival, fine art photography/photojournalism, but then again, I've seen some great photos taken with pinhole cameras. My feeling is that photography is about personal choices - cameras, format, film, filters, exposure, lens, where to stand, when to press the shutter release. In the end, its about communication and if you can tell the story with an iPhone - make an impression, capture an emotion, get someone to pause for a moment - then you've done what photojournalists try to do. One thing Hipstamatic and Instagram have done is to broaden acceptance of obvious filtering/manipulation. Time will tell if that's a good thing or not, but I do enjoy seeing the work a lot of friends, experienced photographers and countless others are doing with these new tools. Sure I see a lot of crap, but I'm willing to wade through some of it to get to the good stuff.
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Nov 4, 2012