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Everyone needs to remember the period context of these projects. Much of the work was accomplished with brutally low budgets and adversarial contractors. So Tigerman demonstrates the best trait of the period, "Mastery of the Flash in the Pan". There is no fundamental requirement for buildings to be permanent, when the budget does not exist to support it. Impermanent, even temporary structures can make a statement. Why not celebrate "Timeliness" instead of "Timelessness". This building had its "Time", right down the imagery of the exposed roof top mechanical units. (machines to kill animals!) It is all just a skin. I actually wish Mr. Steinbrecher just went ahead and made his own, recession period statement, instead of trying to "fix" what is already there.
There are still fine architects out there drawing and sketching, just going about it quite a bit differently. We used to cheat layouts using perspective grids, now we do layouts on the computer, sketch over them, and go back the model and so on until we reach our goal. Wines wrote and interesting piece for blue print about the approach. It has always been a pleasure to see the work of architects like Dan Wheeler, Martin Wolf and many others taking shape on paper. Please remember the late 60's and early 70's when architectural drawing was being de-emphasized. A recession, little work and post modernism actually re-emphasized the importance of hand drawing and drafting. Welcome to another cycle! BK: Nicely observed. Thank you.
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May 3, 2010