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Rick, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It's one thing for Juan Calle to say they are changing their business model, but it's another to lash-out at the people who helped build his business. I met him and his team at DomainFest when they were courting domain investors to grow their business. They could have started with a different business model, one with higher prices or auctions for premium names. They didn't because they wanted our money and our activity to legitimize their extension. Comparing legal investing to cybersquatting is not just false, it's a shameless act of self-promotion designed to muddy the water of domain investment. It's a sure sign that he is failing to do his job in promoting the domain name and helping to market businesses who take the risk and build a brand around a .Co domain name. Let's face it, the very reason that .Co generated excitement is the cause of it's undoing. It is too similar to .Com. Not distinctive. Adds little value. It's a me-too extension. For a generic sounding CC-TLD, I'll go with .TV or .ME 100 times before I grab another .CO. Steven Swimmer
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May 11, 2012