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Oh, baby girl! (I can say that, as I turned 55 last WEEK!) Take my word for it, it's a lot easier that "they" say it is, and it CERTAINLY beats the alternative! Power surges are a way of life and look at it this way: you can keep the thermostat turned down & save energy! I was reading all your symptoms, thinking "oh, so THAT's what's going on!" so I'm right there with you, sister! At 55, I've decided that I'm just now halfway through my lifespan (my dad's 85 and still going strong). I had cataract surgery this past summer, and am healthy! So, let's enjoy this season - Fall's my favorite time of year anyway!
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Chocolate cream filled donuts. The stuff fantasies are made of. Their chocolate cake donuts don't suck, either.
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Dreams = disappointment. I've been struggling for several years over a dream of mine, and I need to embrace God's plan B for me!
Good gracious, so much of this is true! My husband & I will have been married 24 years this Monday, and yes, we've been through the waning drive(s). Yes, we've dealt with exhaustion b.c. of little ones. Yes, I've felt totally unattractive. Yes, there were times I felt that I would/could never be attracted to my husband again. GOD HEALED US!!!! He healed our marriage & it's stronger than ever. The biggest way He healed it was through sex. He gave me a desire for my husband that has not waned over the past seven years - in fact, it's getting stronger all the time. Several tips/tricks: sleep naked. Robin's right - you've got the only body your husband's allowed to see - let him see it! Cuddle up at night & see what comes up (sorry). Let him wake you up in the morning with an "encounter." There's something so erotic (to me) of being awakened from a deep sleep to sexual caresses. Spend time bathing together - I'll say it until I dead that buying our hot tub (used) was the best thing we did for our marriage. Even if you don't have one, you can take bubble baths together. Or take showers together & let him wash your hair - we love that in the salons, so let him pleasure you that way. Which could, of course, lead to more pleasure. All I'm saying is don't shut the door - unless you've got kids, then LOCK the door!Get creative with your love life - make your marriage fireproof.
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Sorry, I meant that I DON'T have to jump onto each new Beth Moore study, not that there's anything wrong with that.
I think that it was "Breaking Free" that made such a HUGE impact on my struggles. I'm not a Beth Moore groupie (gasp!) - she's wonderful, & speaks truth, but I have to jump onto each new Bible study she publishes. But this one & "When Godly People do Ungodly Things" went a LONG way toward setting me free from my "stuff." I don't have the horrible stuff in my past that some do - I was neglected/ignored by my parents, but not abused; I was in an abusive relationship, but it was not physical, & I got out quickly. I was anorexic twice, but have been set free (thank you GOD!!!) But, like almost everyone, I do have stuff that I've had to work through, & it's through the love of God & my husband that I've been able to get to where I am now. My sweet husband has accepted me despite my formidable faults, & has been willing to help me work through all this stuff in my past. The irony? I'M the psychologist, HE'S the economist! Who said God doesn't have a sense of humor?!!!
I coast when I get home! At work, it's go go go. Then I come home & the first thing I do is change into my jeans. I read books, work the newspaper puzzles, cook dinner - yes, that's coasting for me! Wednesdays are not coasting days - church. Sundays tend to not be coasting days, either - sometimes too MUCH church! I have found that if I don't coast, come Monday, I'm worn out - that hill I have no momentum for.
When I turned 50, my husband planned and executed a trip to the Grand Canyon - the first time I had ever seen it. I will always remember my first sight of it, covered with snow. We played in the snow like kids, making snow angels, throwing snowballs, and yes, EATING it! We ate ice cream cones out in the snow that day, wearing heavy coats, hats, gloves, & scarves. On the drive back to Flagstaff, "our song" came on the radio, so we pulled off the highway & danced in the snow. The other drivers thought - hey, who cares!!!!! Wonderful memories.
My baby steps involve things like getting on a plane for a 3 hour journey. I CAN'T do these baby stepping things. Or, I won't. Hmmmm. Still needing help, here! I'm so impatient about changing myself.
Help me, y'all! I can't give up the red pen (control) to God! I am SO not at peace with who I am! All these Bible studies, all this introspection, ALL this stuff I know, and I can't love myself!
Heart relationships? God, husband & kids. Personal? I don't have a clue! Every time I become close friends with someone, they move off (usually by husband transfer). It's happened so many times that I finally "swore off" making a close friend any more. I couldn't take the pain of losing her again. Functional relationships are the people I work with - I "talk" with some of them, but there is no closeness. I'm in education, so I have 10 (unpaid) weeks off in the summer. I don't talk to, or hear from, any of my work associates. So, clearly not close relationships. Lonely? Heck yes! Anyone want to "friend" me? (is that too pathetic?)
The best way I can describe myself in this story is that I'm Veruca Salt from Willie Wonka - I want it now! The fit body, the accolades, the church privileges - all of it. I get tired of waiting/working for the molasses to run out. I'm such a destination person - not a journey person.
Scary? Yes! Hit delete? You nailed that one! Am I in? Golly YES! Why? Because I need peace - about a lot of things, but about some specific things too. Help me!
My values are love and family - that's what my happily ever after is all about!
My "showdown" happened last summer, after a time of me wanting and not getting, so I spent the summer in a Beth Moore study, and several other God-centered studies. The result? Duh! God wins every time. I'm still not getting what I want, but I have come to wait & enjoy where I am. That's a better result. I've given up on that "list of questions" most Christians seem to have - you know, the "when I get to Heaven, I'm going to ask God all this stuff" list. By the time I get there, I will already have all the understanding He's chosen to give me. Which is pretty cool!
My word is imperfect. Which translates, beautifully, to JESUS!
Love what you wrote, & I LOVE that Bible verse!
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