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Dear Wil, I was 13 the summer SBM was in the theater. I saw it 11 times at the $2 matinee, always by myself so no one could detract from my experience. By way of that movie you (and River and Corey and Jerry) ushered me through that hideous time of life we used to call junior high. You will always hold a place in my heart for that reason, and in some (possibly awkward) way it could be said that you, as Gordie, had real influence on the person I eventually grew to be. Consequently, my husband and I have greatly enjoyed following your blog, twitter posts and appearances on Big Bang Theory. But this degree of emotional openness with your fans is way beyond what I would expect from almost any other celebrity, so thank you for that. And for being a fixture of my adolescence. --Crystal
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Mar 22, 2011