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Indy car also needs to respond to team rule questions in a more timely matter. SFHR ask for clarification on working on Newgardens car during red flag for race one. Officials did not respond. Dale Coyne did and that was via TV. The rule said that if they worked on car during red, they would receive a penalty that included waiting 20 seconds. SFHR did that so they could remain on the lead lap. The commentators all thought Sarah made the right decision. Apparently, Dale Coyne knows the rule book as well as anybody in the league. I wonder how thick that rule book is.
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Newgarden was punted by Rahal, broke gear box. Six laps to replace gear box. Have to wonder about DW12 steering as Simona was not the only one to have that happen recently.
I give Kudos to Woman of Pressdog, Simona de Silvestro. In spite of a weak engine, she and her team did not complain and stuck with Lotus per the terms of the contract. I think this will bode well for the future. Suppliers will know they are dealing with someone that will honor the contract even when conditions get difficult. Then there is Sarah Fisher. During the race she tweeted about this season. "Yet another part failure out of our control. Cheers to the toughest season of my entire 25 year career in racing." There were people that rose their eyebrows on the 25 year part. They forget that Sarah started when she was just five. May her twenty thirteen season be a big improvement
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Sep 16, 2012