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Completely understand you wanting to quit before it becomes a chore. I'll miss this place, though. I've enjoyed agreeing and disagreeing with various points, and discovering some new videos along the way. Thanks for making Friday more interesting. As a parting shot, just in case you missed these over the holidays, some new videos turned up on YT of Bruce and the Max Weinberg 7 playing together in 2003: Seaside Bar Song: Thundercrack: None But The Brave: Kitty's Back: Plus with Stevie VZ for Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight): Good stuff.
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It's a shame they perform it so rarely. It's featured a few times on the current tour, and they've really nailed it every time. My favourite so far was at Madison Square Garden back in April. That solo from Bruce at Trieste really does give that version something special though. MSG version:
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It really is a terrific song. There's a great version of it here: from Trieste a couple of weeks ago. Awesome guitar work (which Max clearly enjoys as much as I do!), with Bruce taking an awesome solo just prior to the usual duel with Steve. Well worth a watch.
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I vote for Los Angeles 1985! Yours are good too, though. ;)
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I agree. It's worked for Queen. When they do "These Are The Days Of Our Lives", a video compilation plays on screens at the back of the stage, showing Freddie. It always brings the house down. A small horn section would seem to be a good solution too. I'd have suggested the Miami Horns at one time, but half of them seem to have migrated to Los Angeles now. If there's one thing that Jersey isn't lacking in, though, it's musicians.
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Sep 30, 2011