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Marsiling Road & Bedok Reservoir Road
Forever We Thank You. Our Faithful Companion InsyaAllah =)
Interests: Munajat, Journey To Ihsan..Subhanallah.. Fashion Is My Passion..Im Soooo In Love With Fashion My Passion..Haha..(Ok Stop It!)..Badminton Is My Sport..Designing, Drawing, Window Shopping, Shopping, Hanging Out, Eating, Sleeping, Reminiscing (Haha..What A Stupid Thing To Do), Listening To Music Is What I Do When I Got Nothing To Do..Black Is My Colour.. Action Pack !! Well, English Movies For Sure..I LOATHES Malay Movie..(See? With In BOLD LETTERS, That'll Show How Much I Hate Malay Movie. Cus Its Soooo....Ok U Have To Stop Mas) Next, Adventurous, Thrillers, Scary..U name It, As Lone As It Labeled "ENGLISH MOVIE", Im Satisfied =) Oooppss..Then, Erm, Oh Ya, Cartoon. Oh I Watch Cartoon At This Age..(Haha!) Hmm..Not To Forget, Reality Shows Like America's Next Top Model, Project Runway..OMG Im Soooo In Love With Fashion, Survivor, Amazing Race..Etc Etc..Dramas Like Prison break, Ugly Betty (Fashion Again!), Knight Rider..Etc Etc.. Loves Educational Books..(Since When Mas? Haha..Oh Shuddup!) Something That Relates With Ad-Din..It Will Always Be My Curiosity..Hmm? I Always Wanna Travel..Wanna Do New Things..Wanna Do Some Real Cool Stuff..Adventurous..Hmm..One Day..With Him..InsyaAllah..
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