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I was sued in such a suit. I paid for one year of service in advance in a locked contract. The satellite company gave me and many new customers an ultimatum. Pay us more or we will take away some of what you paid for. Then they did take some of that programming away holding it hostage saying if we agree to pay more, they will give the full service back. I bought another access card in order to keep what I paid for. Attorney's general from 31 states went after the corporation and the corporation settled out of court. I received a very small amount of that settlement. The company then turned and sued me stating I had no right to protect my property from theft. They also said I had not paid for and was not authorized to receive these channels. I also had to receipt to prove payment. They wanted me to give them thousands of dollars. I paid $7000 in litigation cost to defend my right to protect my property through the purchase of an access card. $7000 when it was a well known fact the company had taken the programming from me and many others. I may have lost because I just didn't have the money to fight this as most would not. But the country as well lost. Lost the right to protect and defend there right to protect from theft. It has long been legal to take passive measures to protect that which you own and have purchased from theft. This in Black's law and in many states and federal constitutions. The purchase of an access card to stop the theft was the very least expensive way to stop this theft. In the end, I was sued for stealing my own property. A reminder is that with this company the access card is bought by the consumer who then permits the company to control the card. That didn't extend to controlling the card to steal the customers programming how ever. This week it was my property which was stolen and then the stealer tried to later profit in a lawsuit. Next week it will be your property taken. Don't claim this some kind of mistake as they knew all along the circumstances and really only wanted my money in a private settlement.
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