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Bravo to George Latimer for coming out strongly against this absurd plan. Hope other elected officials will follow suit. And, as for people on LI supporting this, it depends on who you talk to. Most people I know along the full length of the North Shore are dead set against this plan. In short, the people who are against this plan do vote. Former Governor Rockefeller learned this when he initially came out in favor of a bridge from Westchester to Long Island. He had to withdraw support because of fears of losing Republican seats in the legislature if he supported it.
This is and always has been a terrible idea, poorly thought out and a disaster to the shore communities on either side of the Sound, not to mention that it would add thousands of cars to already overburdened I-287, I-95 and to the Long Island Expressway. Our elected officials from US Senator to local should come out strongly against this. Connecticut officials should also come out against this as it will impact the I 95 corridor which is already one big traffic jam.
I agree with Murphy. We should wait and see if it is sustainable. If it costs too much, it will be a drain on the city and the county and should then be developed in such a way as to provide tax dollars to cover the costs of running the facility.
Am delighted to hear this. Peter will make a great mayor.
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You have got to be plastic bags for garbage...what a mess that would be. I would just put my filled, plastic bags inside a paper bag if that law ever came to pass! There is no way I am going to have soggy garbage bags sitting around waiting for pick up.
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Oct 21, 2011