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Sylke Kramer
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He is so very cute and I am loving the dungarees too! Re the hair: people also occasionally thought that my son was a girl because of his curly blonde shoulder length hair up until he was three - despite the fact that he was wearing 100% boys clothes. It doesn't matter, it's only a reflection of their expectations that have been shaped in the past. They soon enough realised that this was a boy when he would go on about vehicles and nothing else... :) It never bothered us nor my son. He's now nearly six and got to an age where it is a bit more important for them to be like their friends, so the hair is a bit shorter, but that's OK. Enjoy it while you can! :)) It's really eye-opening to see the way people identify certain characteristics with certain genders. Also, I love the word "dungarees"! -Amy
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2012 on Overalls at A Fish Out of Water
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Awww - how cute is he?! Enjoy these early years, I would just love to go through this phase of discovering the world again with another one!
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2011 on A walk in the park at A Fish Out of Water
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Oct 25, 2011