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221B Baker Street
Interests: Detective Conan
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我要做个思想上的女流氓,生活上的好姑娘,外形上的柔情少女,心理上的变形金刚。 Continue reading
我要做个思想上的女流氓,生活上的好姑娘,外形上的柔情少女,心理上的变形金刚。 Continue reading
打从某天起,好像跟你没那麼好了,见面少了,电话也少了;孤单的时候,忍住没找你。我亲爱的朋友,并不是你... Continue reading
我反反复复犹犹豫豫小心翼翼斤斤计较,我怕伤人,也怕别人伤害自己。也许这样一辈子都不会得到幸福。可是我... Continue reading
最犯賤的男人就是破了你的处就不要你的男人,最噁心的男人就是明明有女朋友还要在外面沾花惹草的男人,最沒... Continue reading
“所谓幸福,是有一颗感恩的心,一个健康的身体,一份称心的工作,一位深爱你的爱人,一帮值得信赖的朋友。... Continue reading
和阳光的人在一起,心里就不会晦暗;和快乐的人在一起,嘴角就常带微笑;和进取的人在一起,行动就不会落后... Continue reading
有个懂你的人,是最大的幸福。 这个人,不一定十全十美,但他能读懂你,能走进你的心灵深处,能看懂你心里... Continue reading
有一种女人貌似花心,其实专一;貌似坚强,其实很脆弱;貌似开心,可笑容后的哀伤谁又能懂呢?这种女人很好... Continue reading
只有很少的人才懂得,人生是因为缺憾而美丽,而所谓的回头,只不过是丢掉了白天的太阳之后,又错过了夜晚的... Continue reading
某天起,好像跟你没那么好了,见面少了,电话也少了;孤单的时候,忍住没找你。我亲爱的朋友,并不是你做了... Continue reading
‘jest(Speak or act in a joking manner) not over holy matters.’ On hearing this, the Master said: “I do not speak of what is ended, chide what is settled, or find fault with what is past.” Continue reading
The Master said: “To worship the ghosts of strangers is fawning (to court favor by flattering manner). To see the right and not do it iswant of courage.” Continue reading
The Master said: “Behave with dignity, they will be lowly(humble): be pious(religious) and merciful, they will be faithful(Complete trust): exalt(elevate) the good, teach the unskilful, they will grow willing.” Continue reading
The Master said: “Listen much, keep silent when in doubt, and always take heed of the tongue; thou wilt make few mistakes. See much, beware of pitfalls, and always give heed to thy walk; thou wilt have little to rue(repent). If thy words are seldom wrong, thy deeds(actions) leave little... Continue reading
The Master said: “Yu shall I teach thee what is understanding? To know what we know, and know what we do not know, that is understanding.” Continue reading
The Master said: “Look at a man’s acts; watch his motives; find out what pleases him: can the man evade you? Can the man evade you?” Continue reading
Obedience: “To serve our parents with courtesy whilst they live,” said the Master; “to bury them with all courtesy when they die; and to worship them with all courtesy.” Continue reading
The Master said: “Guide the people by law, subdue them by punishment; they may shun crime, but will be void of shame. Guide them by example, subdue them by courtesy; they will learn shame, and come to be good.” Continue reading
不给买小猫小狗就算了,给人家弄个老鼠,老鼠也就算了,还是个假的,假的也就算了,还是个旧鼠标。。。 Continue reading
有一颗随缘心,你会更洒脱;有一颗平常心,你会更从容;有一颗慈悲心,你会更积善;有一颗感恩心,你会更幸... Continue reading
生活在于经历,而不在于名牌;富裕在于感悟,而不在于奢华。 Continue reading
没有人可以回到过去重新开始,但谁都可以从现在开始,书写一个全然不同的结局。 Continue reading