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I'm actually seriously considering buying the book for my mom. She's not much of a blog person -- she likes her online reading to come to her inbox -- but she loves the Chicago Q&A, and I think she would really enjoy reading your blog posts if she didn't have to go looking for them.
I saw a great eggcorn on a message board today: someone is moving house in the middle of the school year and is worried about the "up evil" it will cause in her kids' education. Having been a voracious reader nearly all my life, I have a largeish fund of silent mispronunciations. Imagine my astonishment when one of them surfaced in an otherwise excellent audio version of a favourite book: the reader pronounced "misled" as "MY-zeld"! The most embarrassing instance of this I've personally committed was the time I saw a sign advertising "sundried tomatoes" at the local Co-op and asked my mother, "What do you suppose sundry'd tomatoes are?"
Excellent advice. Also helpful -- I think you mention this in your book, but I may be projecting -- is to keep a compliments file, into you which you put a copy of every nice thing any author (or anyone else) says to you about your work. I was advised to do this many years ago, when I was just starting out as a copy editor, and there have been days when getting out that file and flipping through it for a few minutes has been instrumental in keeping my cool. These days I encourage all my staff to keep some kind of stash of positive comments for a rainy day, too.
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May 21, 2010