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I agree 100% that buyers need a process/workflow oriented demo script and hands-on access to the "sandbox" in order to focus on what the company needs and get buy-in from the end users. We typically do either a hands on orientation or a show & tell demo a few key people before giving the buyer the car keys. However, there are two things that buyers need to do before they 'get behind the wheel' and drive their own demo: 1) Document their business process and analyze what they have now with an eye toward where they want to go, and 2) Focus on what the company needs rather than the minor features/functions. In other words - they need a roadmap and a destination. We advise customers that everything on their wish list be RANKED on a scale of 1 to 3, being the 'must have' vs 'nice to have' vs 'pie in the sky' bells & whistles. This also helps us understand if our solution is a good fit, or not.
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Feb 26, 2010