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Ricky Cadden
I'm a Marketing and Management professional with a high interest in the mobile industry.
Interests: S60, Nokia, Fishing, Boating, Playing with my dog, Hanging out with my beautiful girlfriend
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I realize you guys have your own team to make decisions, but perhaps it's time to put this site to rest? I don't mean to be disrespectful, but if none of you have heard from Darla in X months, it would seem that she's not uber-worried about it. Perhaps not take it down entirely, but just put up a final post saying the site is on hiatus or something similar?
Man, congratulations, Charlie. I really couldn't think of a better place for you to be - it sounds completely awesome, and combines a few of your passions, as well. I can't wait to follow along, even though I don't live in the Boston area, and I know you'll do awesome at your new job. Keep in touch. Ricky
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2009 on Quick note on new gig at Life blog
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It's not that the mere action of carrying on a phone conversation will disrupt, it's the certain people (we all know them) who don't have any sort of etiquette whatsoever that will make phone calls on an airplane a horrid thing. These folks usually: 1. speak insanely loudly, even when not necessary, thus making it impossible to ignore them or tune them out. 2. have inappropriate conversations that shouldn't be shared amongst a plane full of people (and potentially small children). The world has gotten by without phone calls on airplanes (aside from the insanely expensive 'airphone' things) for decades - there's no reason we need to have them now.
It's sad to see how true this is. I've spent my entire life in the U.S. market, and every time I travel internationally, I'm floored at how quick and easy it is to get a SIM for my unlocked phones, and one with unlimited data (voice is of little interest to me, oddly). I can't help but wonder when the U.S. market will open up to prepaid. Even now, with Boost Mobile's $50 unlimited *everything* plan, prepaid is the obvious cheaper option, unless of course you want a decent phone (or to bring your own).
Fascinating. How could that translate to Nokia/tech companies? An official Twitter stream of announcement events? Specific product managers tweeting about progress of newly announced phones? What else?
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Not to drink the kool-aid too much, but could Share on Ovi have had anything to do with this? It's free, does video, and integrates with the N95 just as tightly as Flickr does...
Toggle Commented May 15, 2008 on Hm... 2Mpix trumps 5Mpix? at Life blog
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I agree 100%, being in a position where your core product is hugely popular, and having a treasure trove of features to add at whim is nice.
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What's funny is that as my senior project in Marketing Promotions, I did a report/presentation showing that if Cingular (or any other carrier, for that matter) would completely do away with bucket data plans and go to an unlimited plan between $8-10 USD, it would actually INCREASE data-based ARPU, as well as increased usage. I passed it along to some friends at Cingular, but obviously nothing happened. So sad.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2007 on Cost cost cost. at Life blog
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Thanks for the updates, and keep up the great work. I've tried several other blogging services and this is definitely the easiest and most user-friendly of the bunch. I agree with Alexander, that's something I would love to see. I would also like to see some easy way for me to reply to comments on my own posts. As it is right now, I have to pull up my page (which messes with my page views count) and navigate to that post and post as if I was a reader. It'd be nice, in the comments viewer screen, if there was a "respond to comment" button that would let me do that quickly.
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