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A passionate Thai-Australian food blogger.
Interests: travel, design, hiking, writing, travel., syrie's interests include food (of course), eating sustainability (locally and organically; wild seafood - not farmed, nor trawled) and ethically (organic & free-range). she also has an abiding interest in photography, the outdoors (camping, snowboarding) and travel
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Hello Stephanie, lovely to see you the other night and I'm sorry I had to dash. Thanks so much for the mention. Always an honour. Shiso leaves... I consulted my one and only Japanese cookbook and it mentioned deep-frying them to use as a tempura garnish or finely chopping as a somen garnish. Cheers.
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Mar 15, 2010
Stephanie, a breathtakingly beautiful tribute. I have a similar relationship with my mum. Her health is what brought me back to Australia. Our time with family is so fleeting and precious. Thank you for sharing your story. What a wonderful man and and an equally wonderful daughter. Syrie
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2010 on A Tribute to my Father at The Elegant Sufficiency
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Divine. The egg looks heavenly. It is slow-poached? I had something similar at Momofuku in New York. I also love traditional Thai breakfasts of soupy rice topped with dried anchovies, pickles and a raw egg which poaches in the soup. Much better than microwaved porridge. Alas I have no tips. I usually just eat bircher (slow oats) soaked overnight in a mixture of apple juice, milk and honey and then topped with grated green apples and passionfruit. Thanks for the great twitter plug!
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One of my faves indeed. It'd certainly beat hospital food! Hope all is ok with your dad.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2009 on 8 Tracks and Carrot Cake at The Elegant Sufficiency
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wonderful meanderings...although I'm worried to hear about your growing aversion to coriander...hopefully it will fade. I hated dill for several years. The smell of it made me queasy. I kind of got over it though and have started to incorporate it my cooking again.
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Thanks so much for featuring me Stephanie. I'm off to check out bourbon peach pies!
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2009 on Recipe Scout 15 at The Elegant Sufficiency
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A wonderful list Stephanie. We're not having any gifts this Christmas or for that matter, any other Christmas going forward unless they are donations to some of the smaller charities. I hope you have a happy, safe holiday season with lots of love, laughter, food and family. You're writing is inspirational.
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