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I think that AlwaysOn has matured into a great events company and On Media is one of those things they have learned to do very well, as well as their other conferences such as GoingGreen, OnHollywood etc. The interesting shift is the relaunch of the AlwaysOn-Network in March and how that is different to what they have now. It looks good on demo but for the "Most Viewed" section which David Scott Lewis has also raised an objection about in the past. Personally for me, my ideal social network is one which goes counter to the culture of counting, that means one isn't rated or scored or followed - those statistics should be private, otherwise we promote a digital rat race. Beyond that of course there is always "all-SWAY" but joking aside, much more importantly, the real future of social media for me is about two things, the title of your blog - "Seeing Both Sides" and adapting a new environment where the human voice means something, that is without having any kind of blog value or PR value attached to it. My advice to followers is follow those who want to be followed and I am sure that crowd sense does not also mean the demise of the independent person. Thankfully this particular typepad profile has no up an down thumbs - yet :-) M.
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As of this morning, I have deleted my online account at AlwaysOn, so I will leave a gist of what I thought here. In terms of value attribution I linked it to branding and how brand effects this attribution. I related diagnosis bias to paranoia, which seems intuitively the antithesis of what you described above. For Loss Aversion, I first deleted my AlwaysOn account and then linked it to personal confidence. Other than that, I learned much from your posting and I thank you kindly and look forward to lurking here in future. All the best. M.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2009 on Sway and Irrational VCs at Seeing Both Sides
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I have posted my intuitive response at AlwaysOn without having read "Sway". Suffice to say that after having reading your post has highly motivated me to buy and READ this book. M.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2009 on Sway and Irrational VCs at Seeing Both Sides
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