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I for one want to see an F150 with the 4.4 diesel.
Titan looks like a well thought out truck design. The Ram looks like someone went shopping at JC Whitney.
More regulations mean only one thing. More money for the Govt!!
Ford # 1
Guess they copied Fords looks, an Ram reject engine, and GM's crappy quality !!!
***** THIS JUST IN ******" GM files patent for square Wheels and Tires for their Silverado , Sierra to fit their square wheel wells. A Senior GM exec who wishes to remain anonymous tells us. " We still haven't figured out how to make them go around smoothly, butt are moving ahead with the project anyway because Upper Mgmt feels it could potentially save the Co. hundreds of billions of dollars in warranty claims if their customers can't drive their Silverado \ Sierra's".
la la whatever Obviously it's over your head. The Fed is not the Fed Govt. Maybe you should research what the Fed actually does.Ford is required to pay back any and all loans, and they are. Your copy and pasting is very good for something that is obviously over your little pea head .
Gm profits were buoyed by a $3.2 billion tax credit on losses occurred over years of losses in Europe. These losses were incurred by old GM but the Obama administration changed the rules on gave those credits to New GM as to insure them coming out of Bankruptcy healthy and him looking like the auto industry savior. Funny how after they announced the $9.7 billion in profits their stock fell $2 a share. GM the company that keeps screwing us.
I'd like to see the 4.4 diesel in the F150. I'd gladly give up some MPG's for the extra pulling power.
Loving that free coffee and donuts at the local Ram recall center aren't you HEMI V8 ?
Once a Dodge, always a Dodge.
Thanks to that Ram dude for clearing up theme fact that Ford did not have to be bailed out and was given a DOE Lian which I will fully pay back with interest.
@ Tom Doubt it if you want but Silverado sales will fall this year.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Silverado sales will not match last year's total because of the 16 MY losing 40000 miles of warranty. This why GM did the 16 facelift. I will say that the fanboys who bought the 15MY with the 100000 k warranty knew that they will need it. Silverado sales will decline the rest of this year. Boy Ram is right on their heels.
Funny that if a 08 Silverado 4.8 gets 26 mpg. Why did they discontinue that engine???
Well the 5.3 definitely needs that extra power compared to the competition. But a what price?
@ Johnny Doughnuthead. Ma the Meatloaf.
^^^^^^ Don't know anybody that puts 200k in a year on a truck.
I always liked them S10 ZR2's.
I have a box of tissues for anyone who's favorite truck make didn't place 1st.
Who cares about Ecoboost. Lived the video. Especially the 3 day thing. Did they break, or have to go in for a recall???
@roadtrip Good Ram propaganda video. Houghton doesn't get below 0 degrees more the 15 or so days in the winter. Now show me a video of testing in International Falls MN. then were talking.
They had videos on here of the Nissan Titan XD extreme testing. "Truckrumentary". Everyone knows Ram has no testing. That's why they are recalled so much, and are in the shop so much.
I own a 07 Reg cab 2wd Tundra. Bought new in 07. Just turned 108k. Other then a couple small recalls and an alternator at 87k it has been the most dependable, trouble free truck I've ever owned. I've never gotten better the the high 18 mpg's but I didn't buy it for mpg's. I bought because it looks badass (all black no chrome). And the 5.7 is rip snorting powerful in stock trim. I use it to tow my 3500 lbs.(dry) tandem axle pop-up trailer up the Arizona grades to the mountains to camp and my mpg's are always in the 13 range which is fine with me. I'm considering a new truck at the end of this year only because my Reg cab doesn't fit my needs any more. I'd like to see Toyota add the Land Cruiser 8 speed and add the Scion dual Injection on the 5.7 and they could count me down for another sale. But I'm also curious about this F150 diesel. I also own a 10 Camry SE V6 that has been fabulous.
Go see a Dr. johnny. He will fix your limp mode problem.