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I am just paying off a loan from PGL. I know that their interest rates are extremely high, but several times when I really needed money, they were the only ones I could turn to. I generally pay my loans off early, so my interest paid is less. My point is that this company helps more people than they hurt and without companies like them, a lot of people would really be without any viable options. Plus the payments are stretched out over months instead of weeks, so you have more time to get yourself together. I think that the mainline lending institutions could do more to help people in financial stress, but since they don't I'm happy to have companies like Plain Green Loans. My situation has improved, but I would not hesitate to use PGL again, especially for a quick turnaround or emergency type loan.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2015 on PLAIN GREEN LOANS COMPLAINTS GROWING at Native Loans
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Aug 22, 2015