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you had me on your side fully - until the ridiculous Salem Witch Hunt comment. what's being done is unfair, but to compare it to execution is hyperbolic & unhelpful. you don't win support around here this way: you do it with a combination of facts & solid calls for social justice. just look at the anti-coal train efforts. it's fact-based & it waves the flag of justice high. it plays on emotions, yes (oh, the children!) but it doesn't go off the deep end.
One can see Brady following the wishes of construction and trade unionists who see the Columbia Crossing as a way to go from unemployment to a job. well, one could see Smith following the wishes of the greens who see the Columbia Crossing as a way to waste billions & get this project done wrong. if you're going to impugn people's characters, why not be even-handed about it? (disclosure: i work as a freelancer for the Brady campaign.)
my younger son, Jesse, is named after my dad's dad, and he was a lovely man i still miss all these years later. i'm sorry for your loss, but happy for your memories.
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Mar 9, 2010