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the biggest tboy
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It was with shock and great disappointment when i received the news that the bill on the extention of the presidential mandate received an absolute majority vote last thursday in parliament.This is a major blow to the cameroonians and an abuse to democracy.What a shame to our so call representatives in parliament.Infact i wonder if these selfish and corrupt set of cameroonians worth the name"representatives" because they are representing their pockects and not their constituencies.We all know biya will soon be caught by nemesis and that is the reason why he have made the constitution to his favour after he leaves office.But he and his team should be aware that laws are made by men and can be changed or violated by men or betterstill we will apply the jungle justice tactics to track them biya and co you can only succeed to amend or change the constitution but you can not run away from your shadow because it will always be after you. BIYA THE DIASPORA ARE PREPARING TO STAGE A COME BACK,IS NO LONGER THE ISSUE OF SCNC OR SDF,BUT A STRUGGLE FOR ALL CAMEROONIANS OF GOOD WILL.My fellow cameroonians living abroad,lets all join forces and see how we can get our beloved fatherland from the economic,political and social impass biya and co has driven us into.lets make cameroon the economic giant it's surpose to be for the betterment of our younger generations.BIYA,IS HIGH TIME YOU TAKE THE HONORARY EXIT AND STEP DOWN SO AS TO START SERVING YOUR PRISON TERMS EARLIER.
It was not surprising to hear from triators like achidi achu.He claimed biya is the only leader we the youths can count on,shame unto you because i am sure you and the so-called best leader will soon face nemesis.As for chafa,i wonder if he is heading a political association or he is surposed to be a custodian of our not strange because all our so-called traditional institution have turn aside their functions and are now involved in polluting our democratic system through their elections rigging tendencies.I believe strongly in possitive change and when this comes,all this vampires will be brought to face justice. is high time our traditional leaders deviate from their selfish ambitions in the name of custodians of the tradition.(Human Rights Advocate,Rep of Cyprus)
is not very surprising to me if a political prostitute in the name of tchiroma decides to wash his dirty linen in public in the name of a press conference.iam very convinced he have been bought over by the regime in power to come and expressed his lack of political will and his ignorance as concerns politics and development.i feel very persimistic about the future of our nation in so far as monstars like tchiroma,biya and co, continues to head political institutions in our country.i wonder the relationship which presidential mandates shares with economic investors as the idiot said in his conference.tchiroma,stop crying over spill milk,for your time is up,no room for you.
mr biya from all ramnification,it is clear that you have failed to deliver the goods your predecessor handed over to you for our beloved nation.what is happening today is just a pointer to the fact that you have become opsulate and needs to step down.any attempt to seak another term might necessitate another kenya(we are not praying for).so be careful before you complete with your brothers you should not relent in your efforts to send the old vipers out.iam sure the battle line have just been drawn.tboy
the insignificant decrease in fuel prices is just one in a million of the solutions as to why the cameroonians are in the street demanding for the restoration of their follow brethrens,we have been silent for too long,is high time we make the regime in power to understand that we are not cawards.accepting the minor decrease in the price of fuel as a solution to our problems will be a turning point for more deceipt,manipulation and the destruction of our beloved nation(Kamerun)we the cameroonians in the diaspora are solidly be you.the biggest tboy
It will be a political fallacy if my fellow cameroonians at home allow the so called political big-wiggs to temper with the law of the land for their self agrondisement.i feel ashame when my senior and lended colleague in the person of Ngole Ngole stands to support constitutional amendment at this stage in the countries democratisation process.infact he makes me to believe that political scientist are those who preach virtue but practices vice.Ngole Ngole you are warned.