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I would like to thank the professor what he has supposedly achieved this far but permit me also criticise the professor for his inability to push his vaccine to international recognition. I think its simple to do. If the professor is actually convinced that he has got the right formulae to treat HIV/AIDS, then I believe there is always an international forum where he can take his ideas to and depate if not defend it. It is then at this point that great researchers who find the formulae meaningful will begin to promote the vaccine further. I donot know if prof. has already taken this step but i think its a necessary first step.
Beyond Poverty After embarking on an x-ray to determine why CPDM MPs would consider taking a mere 150 GB pounds to amend the constitution in Biya's favour, I found the answer in just four (4) words 'The politics of greed'. The question I then asked myself is, what can then be done to avert this syndrome that has chopped into the mind of some unscrupulous CPDM MPs? The answer I found to this is that traditional rulers in these constituencies have a part to play. As a traditional ruler, There is the right to ban any MP who dare vote to amend such a bill from entering into their constituencies (such as villages) assuming that these rulers themselves are cought-up in the influence of the Biya regime. A second solution to the above would be to educate these MPs on the need to seize from amending the said article because I can confidently say that most MPs are by far less educated and would hardly understand the implication of such a move. A final solution should come from cameroonians overseas. What can they do to avert this from happening. - Embark on public demonstrations - Threatening any MP who attempts to visit any EU country or the USA of the posibility of serious consiquences on his part if he or she dares to travel out of Cameroon
The Cameroon political system unfortunately has been marred by pooverty though curruption should not be forgotten. It is only pooverty that will force a citizen to vote in favour of a political party whose Chairman will always want to feed citizens only at times when elections are at hand. Note that decrees passed 1 or 2 months to an election even though in favour of the citizens are not always the best for citizens. Cameroonians should open their eyes and vote for a sustainable government in terms of future economic stability.
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Biya! What has people from the North West and South West provinces done to you so much so that even at the level of the CPDM you still discriminate in appointing SG's? Only fouls from these two provinces will vote for the CPDM.
I am strongly in support of the decision taken by the Luma family. I wish to inform them that I will do any thing possible in my own small capacity to share this information with some international organisations in an effort to enable them monitor the progress of the case. I also wish to seize this opportunity to inform the police commisioner for Limbe to beware of his own turn to come. Criminals in disguised
'By Elias Forsung, Former Police Commissioner, Yaounde, now working with the UN' Elias Forsung, you should be ashamed of yourself. Let me ask you this simple question. If you were still the police commisioner for Yaounde, would you have expressed such regrets about what the king is putting Cameroonians through? This is a challenge for all commisioners and Cameroonians alike to stand-up and say 'No' to dictatorship in Cameroon. Be a Cameroonian and be brave as it is only braveness that can set Cameroonians free from the weeps of the king.
REXON, I guess SCNC is not a political organisation. So then why attempt to disrupt an election which has strict political inclination. I do not think its sensible enough for the SCNC to attempt to disrupt the up-coming election. Or has the NCNC got a part to play in the politics of Cameroon? No I dont think so. So its better you refrain from your statements. You can continue with your strive for independence but in a different way and not in a way that intervenes into political affairs.
Can you listen to Biya saying that the youths are the future of tomorrow? This should imply that they are the back borne of a prosperous future Cameroon. Why then are decisions taken without the consent of some one or a group of persons whom you strongly believe have some thing to greatly offer to this nation in the future? I think the youths should have a more than 50% opinion in the decision making process in Cameroon if truly they matter as Biya claims.
Hahahahaha!!!!!! So as per the Biya regime, when there is unemployment, a partial solution will be to focus on the educational system or open new schools. This should be Strange then because commonsense will tell us that this will instead increase the unemployment rate in the country if other sectors are held constant. Why not attempt to encourage and attract investors into the country who might end up creating jobs for the unemployed youths? or is it forbidden to use a large portion of the HIPC funds to open new companies? We have to think and think well.........
Cameroonians are still very uncivilised. How can you give a man poison and not expect him to die even if he is innocent of any allegation? What a pity!!!!!
'Even the International Community is helpless in the hands of the Biya regime' Why then did the Bush\Blair administration invaded Irak on grounds of alleged weapons of mass destruction knowing that Irak is neither a state in the USA nor a city in the UK? If measures of this nature could bring peace to the international community and to some helpless people, then its strongly recommended. The Biya regime has bitten more than she can chew. Ndi I will partially disagree with you considering current state of affairs in Cameroon. Its true that the destiny of Cameroonians lie in them but what can a man do to protect himself in a society where even freedom of speech is prohibited? If cameroonians are to survive in such a society, then they must receive 80% support from without Cameroon.
If I should make a thorough assessment of Dr. Tamanjong's comment on Biya's end of year speech, I would be tempted to describe her as ``a model``. For the past 50years, Hardly have I read a brilliant assesment of a speech presented by the head of state like Tamanjongs'. Following Biya's end of year speech, there are two key questions that plague my mind: 1) Is Biya actually ignorant as to what information the public actually needs at some particular point in time? 2) Is Biya really biased and wicked to the anglophones so much so that nothing concerning the anglophones mean any thing to him? These questions stem up following the recent UB and Tole crisis that almost shaked the economy of which Biya remained indifferent to them to the extent that he could not even say any thing on that during his end of year speech. All what I could draw from Biya's end of year speech is the manner in which he intends to portray a good picture of the economic situation to the international community when the house is actually dirty. Its a shame. Cameroonians should get up from slumber before its to late.
I strongly believe that Gerard Ondo Ndong' incidence should be attached to foolishness and selfishness and I pray that he be sanctioned accordingly. This should also serve as a lesson to some cowards at the helm of the Cameroonian govenment who think that all decisions to execute projects must come from the head of state even if such projects are not withing their area of control or are aimed at stimulating curruption in the Country. If justice must run its full course, then the head of state should be brought before the tribunal for questioning. This has been happening to developed nations and while not in Cameroon. I also call on the international community to investigate into such a scandal otherwise it might spread and even contaminate them. Disgrace Disgrace Disgrace Disgrace
Endale, Please I will urge you to avoid writing in the pigin language otherwise this site might lose her credibibilty and respect. Big Joe, Its makes absolutely no sense for you to ask the students to request for the resignation of Ngoh, Lambi or the minister of higher education as an additional justification for their strike action. Rexon, I have no intention to ridicule any one on this site nor write in favour of the present government. If you had been keen at reading my comments, I had already acknowledged the fact that our government is a bad government and on no account will I ever support the activities of the existing government because I find the government to be a currupt one. I just have the fashion of writing from a neutralist point of view based on available information. I was writing based on the information I got from your comment but if you feel that I misundertood the simple and clear english that you wrote, then I account for the error.
Rexon, Atimes, your comments dont reflect your person. What do you actually mean when you said that the students shouldn't listen to any UB adminstrator or any soo called member of government? or that you would have wish that some members of the SDF join in the strike action. All these statements could only come from some one with no focus and or direction. I believed that, for the students to feel satisfied, there must be an intermediary person or persons to resolve this crises. So I think that, if the head of government who happens to be the right person to resolve this issue has called for calm as a first step for peace and tranquility to reign, yet you are not willing to listen, it therefore means that the intention of this strike action is a hidden one. I cannot recount any strike action in UB in which you were an architech or participated fully, yet you called on students with no control and or weapons to protect themselves to continue a bloody strike action of that nature, then I'm dissapointed. It therefore implies that, if by any way you were given the opportunity to lead, you would have encouraged violence rather than resolve violence. Be truthful and critical in your view of things otherwise hardly will you achieve your desired goals and objectives.
I am afraid the biggest problem with the Cameroon electoral process does not lie with the creation of an independent electoral commission but on corruption. The biggest question lies on who the members of this commission would be. This should be the most important issue to deliberate on and not on the creation of the commission itself. The members should not be Cameroonians, be they the opposition or the CPDM. I suggest they should be a force of men with strong anti-corruption reputation in the world preferably drawn from Sweden, Findland and Norway(These countries have been found to practice corruption to a lesser extent than any other country). In this way, I strongly believe that the truth behind the Cameroonian electoral process would be revealed.
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CAMEROON!! CAMEROON!! CAMEROON!! I am totally dissappointed with the UB administration in general and Dr. Ngoh Victor in particular for exercising a very high sense of immature behaviour and corrupt practice within the academic arena. I had written a comment in Ngoh's favour following the recent incidence in which Ngoh vowed to seize corruption out of UB, but little did I know his intentions. I further thought that the newly appointed vice chancellor to the university of Buea (Lambi) is a man with a strong anti-corruption reputation, but my thoughts have all proven me wrong. We need to put an end to all these forms of corrupt practices especially in academics for it has gone to an extent that I am even ashame to tell some of my white friends that I am a Cameroonian. Why should I refuse my identity because of some of our unscrupulous parents who have decided to remain selfish. No! I wish to salute the effort of the university of Buea student union for their swift intervention in the matter. May they continue to fight for their right for one day the hunter will become the hunted.
Rexon, I dont find any sense and justification in most of your comments. Your arguments and the way you look at issues doesn't show any sign of maturity. This is clear evidence that even if you were given the opportunity to head an organisation for one second, you would probably fail in your attempt to do so. You always have the believe that Cameroon should change for a better and when some one gets up and make statements and comments that are aimed at putting things straight, all you could do is to send insulting comments to him. Why dont you want to believe that Victor Ngoh was once a bad administrator who has now realised himself and is struggling to adjust and put things in order. I wish to salute you (Ngoh) for the bold step you have taken to change the system of things in UB and will want to assure you that the lord is with you and your detractors will surely be put to shame.
Rexon, Atimes you have good point to make but anger will not let you bring them out clearly. You have always failed to be dynamic and fair in your comments as each time you speak you always resort to mentioning the name of La Republic. This is not an NCNC-La Republic discuss which you have always used as the basis for capitalising on your points. This is either an issue of the CPDM which is an independent body from the La Republic. Try to always express justice when ever you write for our wants and desires could only come true if and only if we are just and rational in our thinking. You seem to be biased towards one direction (La Republic). We ought to preach good governance and persuade Cameroonians to accept and welcome good governance. A change is needed in Cameroon no doubt but we should learn to put the appropriate machineries into force.
I write to question the validity of the above theme'Brainstorming On Sustainable Development'. I strongly believed that there is need for such a theme to be restated, for we cannot talk of sustainable development when actually there is no development going on. Sustainable development is a function of development and unless there is development, then can we talk of how to sustain development. I think the theme could have read thus 'How to institute development in Cameroon'
I am always very impressed with some scholars who have decided to devote a greater part of their lives in conducting researches that are aimed at examining the state of affairs in some countries. This expression is strictly implied to the just ended research condusted by a team of professors at harvard university to determine the state of affairs in some choosen countries in the world based on governance. I am however dissapointed and would like to criticise such research works for failing to site the posible implications on the part of some unscrupulous heads of governments who believe that results of such surveys are mearnt just to consume and yet remain indifferent about the whole thing. Cameroon is a tipical example where the government has never reacted positively to any survey result despite the ill-image and shame that such results bring to our nation. The government always receive these results and think that the persons who gave up their most precious time to conduct such research are fools. Its time things start to go the write way and I'm calling on all those government officials who think that they are been influenced by the head of state to do things that are not their taste to reconsider their stand and change for a better Cameroon. For they should beer in mind that when ever the head of state is summon to judgement, they will also follow suit (As the case with Sadam and hus followers). We have suffered alot in Cameroon, a country which has been transformed into an island of wealth so much so that even the poor would want to prefer 100cfa to governance. I wish to inform the head of state finally that its still not to late to make a decision for a better cameroon. I beg you to say that it doesn't cost you any thing except your effort to put the country straight so why not do it. You already have enough for yourself for all is varnity and you would die and leave them behind in Jesus name I pray. Amen.
Go on Scorpion! May the Gods of our ancestors fight with you tonight. The battle is yours. Go! Go! Go!
Biya I am sorry to say that your new cabinet is bias towards the southern Cameroonians regardless of their contribution to national growth. I also wish to know why we keep on hearing the same names all the time in ministerial positions as though there is no superannuation age in that coun
This is exactly what I hate in my country Cameroon. They always pretend as though they are fully aware of the causes of the country's economic down-turn but still yet nothing is done to remedy the situation. I strongly believe that all the points stated above as to why Ghana occupies a pleasant position in the recent survey are the same points that if implemented in Cameroon will better our economic situation greatly. Cameroonian officials are heartless I must say because nothing will still be done despite results from this survey. I am realy ashame of my country, as many Ghanians now use Cameroon as an example of a country where no reform seems to take place. High taxes, international trade dificulties, clearance process at customs, administrative bottle necks amonst others are some of the causes of our economic difficulties and unless the gorvenment addresses all these issues, then I dont find any reason to belong to that country where every one cares only about his own well-being and that of their relatives. We should get up from slumber atleast for God's sake and the sake of mankind.