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I agree with Steve, I think Paul's response is key because it's authentic but because it sets the precedent. If you just go out and start giving away cameras, people start expecting it. Having worked retail the last thing you want is some jack-hole coming in and whining because you gave that other guy a free camera replacement he should get one too (it will happen, promise). But if you set the parameters that this was part of our marketing then it's not charity, it's a business decision.
It seems to me this is very much inline with what Mark Zuckerberg was saying yesterday, that the next 5 years will not be about measuring active user growth.
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I learned first from running "Web 2.0" campaigns when I was at HP and then helping clients across Tech, Consumer and Health Care when I crossed over to the agency side that you should never ask a lawyer *can* you do something, ask them *how can* you do something. Make them part of the outcome not a barrier to the outcome.
This hits on some of the same points that John Hagel touches on in The Power of Pull. It's all about passion and intrinsic motivators.
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What do you tell the man in the coffee shop? Nothing, he'll be dead by the time the last newspaper rolls of the printing press. That time is far away and by then the Kindle or similar devices will be free, so getting your news will cost less than buying that paper. But for those who choose the singular focus and tactile pleasures that reading an actual paper provides there will still be a way to buy or print your own paper. In fact I bet you and I will be dead before there is no more printed paper, if it ever does happen. Pardon me while I put on a vinyl record and do some writing in my Moleskine.
Thank you for the very thoughtful post. I obviously have near zero experience in the recruiting field other than my interactions with recruiters while being recruited or more recently while using them to help find new hires. You make some excellent points and in fact the best commentary to my post has come from recruiters who have a lot of experience working with people like me :) I also think you're spot on that the bubble is in the middle and it's not just the doers (this isn't rocket science) but those very valuable people who can translate strategy into action. Thanks for the great post.
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Jul 30, 2010