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Posted Jan 1, 2015 at Chuckvsteeleii's blog
On a lighter side, my biggest concern is the Admiral refering to the other services as "sister". I have not the expertise to participate in the inteligent parts of this conversation.
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2008 on Coasties Allowed to Try Out for SEALS at BlackFive
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My biggest concern with this story is that if it (the letter) is a plant from the left to make us look bad. The Soros/Kos group is using devious crap to win. I can see them planting a story that they know they can discredit just to show the world how evil we are. If Capt J is in fact a friend, then I will pass this accross the whole internet. Just expressing my concerns here.
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And no, do not get rid of all the lawyers. That would be bad for our nation. Just to getting rid of half of them should be a good start.
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Last Person You are confusing our disdain for an aged hippy lawyer piece of crap with people. I suppose that that is forgivable. I know that none of us doubt the word or character of the young Marine Sgt. Had the young man not had the implied (by me) character, than Grodner would be collecting on his major medical policy. I do not hope for any physical harm to Grodner, but I have no problem helping his career flush down the crapper. Be ok with me if he is next seen at the end of an off ramp with a cardboard sign. Do you doubt that none of this would have been necessary if Grodner had manned up and paid the valid claim when he was caught? Pretty sure that you can find plenty of people with real needs to defend. This guy is not worth your effort.
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Holy crap Batman. I just googled the asshats name. I think that by morning, this thing is going to go nuclear. If every person who this lawyer freak has pissed off put in a quarter by this time tomorrow, we could get this Marine a new Porche and probably a new Itasca motor home as well. When are these limp dicked lib slime balls going to learn not to screw with our men and women in uniform. If they have a problem with the war, they have a problem with our politicians (and maybe a little mental health issue as well), not our Marines, Airmen, Soldiers, Guardsmen our Sailors. Bet mister big sh*t lawyer has a really bad day Monday.
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As a civilian, I only now completely understand the term "asshat". Enough that after reading this sight for a very long time, I decided to long on for the first time and comment. I, of coarse have emailed the new found asshat and will follow up with a phone call as soon as possible. Thank all of you for what you do, have done and will continue to do to keep us safe and free.
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