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Michel Tagliati
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I have a TREK Madone SSL 6.9 2012 H1 58" frame model fitted with Camagnolo Record. I have ridden on it for one season and now there is a +2 mm play in the seat of the left bearing on the BB90. NOTE: I have no idea who assembled this bike, I bought it used, and in mint condition, less then a 1000 km, serial # and all good. I am 2nd owner, hence warranty not valid i recon. After reading up TREK BB90 failure and the eminent summary of experience with Camagnolo Ultra Tourque axial movement and the discrepancies in the "slip-fit" casing design I am left with trying to use Loctite 640 (after riding "shimmed in" on the trainer this winter) to avoid lateral movment in the front cassettes (1-3 mm) which does affect alignment and gearing. Using Speedplay pedals I am however in riding unaware in feel of what I am aware of in functionality, my old FSA K-Force crankset (shit engineering part #2) left me irritated. Shimano really have figured out an excellent enginnering feature for eliminating and adjusting away with all axial movement. I can go back to Shimano and fit a KCNC BB90 adapter but I will give TREK representatives the option of fixing it their way if they can. But the bearing surface on the left side of the BB90 is not cylindrical, it ellipsoidal, so the play of the bearing is really not due to complexed campagnolo engineering (unless the axial movement and a 90+kg rider does that to the bottom bracket bearing surface in the BB90 design. I am going back to a titanium frame and regular no fuss stuff soon. This is so enervating. I just want to ride. Maybe a Pinarello with BB30 instead and Campy? It seems to work for Movistar Team at least =)
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2013 on Campagnolo Ultra Torque Problem? at RogueMechanic
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Sep 12, 2013