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Molua, get your machete ready and use your new position to kill Graffi!
The thief, Paul Pot, must be referring to his court.
The entrepreneurial professor focuses on his so-called dearth of group dynamics in a people sold to slavery by his likes. And unfortunately chooses the Black Church as his example! Which he now seeks to use his excuse to make his salient point! Does this enterprising fool know what the Black Church means to African Americans and the African American experience? Does this fool know what the Black Church means to the American experience? He's so blinded by hate and self-loathing that he fails to see a people whose supreme moral clarity, sense of justice, and courage over the centuries saw them overcome slavery; whose civil rights movement inspired the world and probably paved the way for his likes to sit there in New England to spew and hate and expose his profound ignorance of the meaning of America. When others see Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglas, MLK, The Tuskegee Airmen, Armstrong, Baldwin, etc. An African from Cameroon, drunk with tribal hate and primitive bigoty can only invoke African Americans with their 'dark, dry kink hair...' and their empty churches. Then he says it is 'used as example on the dearth of group blah blah blah...' STFU!
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2009 on Entering Fortress Europe at Up Station Mountain Club
Louis, I always enjoy reading you! The Camerounese junta, like most French-African regimes set-up and managed from Paris, operates like the mafia, largely for the benefit of the Dons in Paris who let loose the street Capos or thugs in capitals like Yaounde, Bangui, Brazzaville, Libreville etc., do their dirty work in francophonic Africa. Their essence is primitive thuggery. The CPDM brain thrust, always adorned, it seems, in Capo Biya's CICAM-inspired garb with Biya's grining puff-puff face, have revealed that essence. Son Exellence Foe-Atangana along with the assorted CPDM-USA agents, CPDM-USA philosphers, CPDM-USA strategists, CPDM-USA PR experts, have just simply exposed the 'politics of the bush', the 'politics of monkeys' and its primitive thuggery that is at its core, to a wider audience. Watch the CPDM primitivos squirm! Watch them threaten each other! Watch them foam at the mouth! Watch them criminally (potentially) implicate each other such as the unsolicited revelation by Mr. CPDM-USA Publicist/Educator of the diplomat who is defrauding a local government by registering his children vehicles as diplomatic property. Oh boy, its going to be a spectacle: "Republique du Cameroun on the Potomac".
You can take a man out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the man.
Ras and others who like to insult and ridicule members of the Diaspora should ask themselves why those back home are doing nothing. Aren't they the ones who suffer most? If those back home continue to wait for the Diaspora and people like Dr CF, they'll wait for ever. Let them get off their football-loving and beer-drinking arses and fight for the rights. All we do in the Diaspora is talk and drink beer, now that everyone knows that, why not forget about the Diaspora and leave us alone.