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@Jessica Jang: I would love to disagree with you; unfortunately, fox news, Tucker Carlson, and other right-wing affiliated programs have made it their mission to broadcast nonsense and false information. Even with civil lawsuits against them, these "news" sources continue disseminating fake news. When I was growing up, newspapers and TV news were trusted, but even CNN and MSNBC present the news with bias. The author is encouraged to suspend their bias in scholarly writing and present the information accurately and clearly. How can we recognize false news? I am afraid we are approaching a point where reality and fiction are starting to blend.
@ Pooya Naraghi: I agree with your point and the earlier statement about grassroots movements; I am a great admirer of Dr. King and the freedom fighters. However, we have run out of time. If this were twenty years ago, I would say absolutely, let us work on electing the suitable candidates to congress and senate and let us petition the UN to create policies, and let us make signs and protest in front of cooperation and demand they change. Now is too late; unless we can reduce the percentage of CO2 in air and water by half in the next five years, we are in trouble. The kind of trouble that starts wold wars.
@R.A. Henery My optimistic side wants to believe we have until 2050 to change things, but according to EPA new projections on CO2 levels and the world's refusal to make meaningful policy changes, I am afraid we only have another five to ten years before climate change is irreversible. I agree that grassroots movements are powerful, but they are notoriously slow-moving and lack continuity; we need new laws specifically designed to reduce CO2 levels. Next, we need a law that prevents the destruction of Earth and laws to help us restore the natural state of our oceans and rainforests.
Respond to Manny Blain: Although I agree with your assessment of weight problems in the states, I am afraid I disagree with your solution. Child obesity can result from a lousy diet, thyroid problems, lack of exercise, or a combination of all three. Until we can eat better, take our children for yearly checkups, and provide well-balanced nutritional meals at school, childhood obesity will persist. Harrison is right to criticize the app because it is a useless and destructive solution to childhood obesity; however, the problem needs addressing, and a positive solution is needed.
@ Latise: I love the fact you are a vegetarian(I became a vegetarian in 1999 and a vegan in 2008); however, until more than half the word join you and the other half reduce their intake of meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products by half the impact on the problem at large will remain insignificant. Please understand, I would never tell anyone to become vegan; however, to save ourselves, we, as a whole, need to rethink our way of life.
While I agree with everything she has said in the video, I would suggest talking about the consequences of inaction. While I believe Thurnberg's point of view and the global evidence confirms her conclusions, She fails to understand that global change cannot occur from the grassroots. I know she is trying to inform the public and, by doing so, galvanize others to action; however, cooperation runs the world, and they do not care if half the world population is in danger of dying as long as they are making money. A big farm, big agriculture, and fossil fuel companies control policy-making in most countries; until that changes, we will continue to march toward an extinction event.
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Jul 13, 2021