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Well, I've been on a one-person boycott of the Hawthorne Safeway for some time now due to extremely poor service and a dismal selection at the old store, plus the fact that corporate for the Portland region sent out anti-Employee Free Choice Act propaganda letters to the HOME ADDRESSES of workers at non-union stores. (I will say that a number of the veteran checkers at the old store are great, the poor service I got was a step or two up the food chain when I had some needs at the customer service "desk." I do really wonder if the suits managed to finally bust the union out of that store now that it's been rebuilt.) ANYWAY. Yes. I have no reason or desire to go back in there with Fred Meyer just up the street for my corporate clonestore needs. I read without surprise about the refusal to sign the good-neighbor agreement; I also suspect Portland would have wanted to work with Safeway on a zoning variance to allow a mixed-use upper story, given the stated goals of Portland's zoning regulations (and yes I have researched it, my dream is to own a little corner grocery in the neighborhood someday). I'm also disappointed, but unsurprised, that they built a monolithic clone of their suburban stores smack in the middle of this otherwise very charming neighborhood. It's nice the parking is hidden, but the building looks like hell. There's this blank for two blocks on Hawthorne now. I think with some creativity and by working with the city they could have gotten the square footage they wanted and the yuppie makeover they wanted in a much more attractive package with much happier neighbors in what is, after all, a picket-happy neighborhood. PS, I will walk in the "out" door until the end of time at Freddy's, or until they get their crap together and give up on whatever ridiculous plan they have to make me impulse-buy grapefruits by walking way the hell around when I'm going in for the pharmacy.
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Mar 29, 2012