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Hey MK thanks for the "His Story" lesson, however you would find to your amazement, if you care to investigate Kamerun c. 1884, that safe for large areas of territories ceded to neighbouring countries the map of our beloved land had remained intact until the defeat of Germany in world war one. In response to you questioning my patriotism: How on earth can you deduce the level of a man's patriotism, by their name? Such uninformed conclusion suggest you are prone to rush to judge without evidence. This forum will only remain rich and dynamic when contributors substantiates their input. You've reminded me of just how far away we as Cameroonians are, from grasping the the fundamental issues that holds us back from achieving our potential.
Greetings fellow cameroonians (from all 10 departments). Though an avid reader of all your contributions to this forum, I seldom part take in the discourse. However every now and again when shit gets live I raise my stubborn Bonaberi (Buea) head above the proverbial parapet of rants and raves. For all her short-comings the SDF is effective in drawing attention to the ineffectiveness of the current regime and for that it would be short sited to criticise them. Advocating a federalist goal for Cameroon as outlined by their leader this week in his rallies, is the most effective tried and tested model that could fulfil the dreams and aspirations of all our peoples. In a sense federalism is not too alien from what SCNC proposes, after all their fundamental desire is at the centre of all our hearts, self determination. To expand from this, I find it tough to fathom why SCNC shy away from a Cameroon circa 1884 when we were as we are now, a contiguous nation, albeit under German rule. Would it really be such a paradigm shift for SCNC to embrace such a Cameroon? The challenge for the SCNC machinery is really then how to engage with SDF and the spirit of our martyrs, to take the fight to CPDM. Without trying to over simplify the cause, you gotta be in it to win it? Too often we in the English speaking sector really get it so twisted and simply don't realise that our struggle is no different from the fight for liberty by communities in Mokolo, Tibati, Campo, Yabassi, et al.
I have come across several apocalyptic hypothesis in my time : mass extinction as a result of the green house effect, termination of all life form as we know it, by a meteorite strike. But this is a new one: an extinction level event triggered by homosexuality. That is some logic! Give this good doctor the Nobel prize for science (or LOGIC). Following this argument might explain why Africa remains the least populous of all the continents. WAY TOO MANY GAYS! Dear "Dr" A A Agbormbai, the most stable societies on our planet are those whose laws take into consideration civil parameters such as compassion, reason, compromise, morality etc., not just logic. There isn't always a logical explanation why certain members of our community are born with specific traits. As far as am aware human emotion follows no tangible logical pattern. In all my years travelling throughout the world, I have never met a homosexual who decided to be gay, in the same way that you as a doctor studied to be thus, however you didn't chose to be heterosexual, assuming that is your orientation. However I know one gay friend whose choice remain celibacy. You will forgive me for not knowing what type of doctor you are, however I will assume you are familiar with the Kinsey Institute. Looking at the Kinsey Reports on sexual behaviour from 1948 to the present (2006), none of the findings and statistics (logic) for over 60 years on homosexuality supports your supposition on the threat posed by Gays. Further more none of the studies suggests that anyone choose their sexual orientation. On occasion friends of homosexuals have been known to choose sexual ambiguity (example lesbian chic), however this charade is viewed like with many fads, as short term. The homosexual population has remained in the 4% range in all societies, yes including Cameroon. At the same time the overall world population has tripled in the same time frame. So you see my friend, the homosexual population remains roughly proportional through time. We are more likely to go the way of the dinosaurs through lack of food and depleted resources than by your fears. • 1 billion was reached in 1802. • 2 billion was reached 125 years later in 1927. • 3 billion was reached 34 years later in 1961. • 4 billion was reached 13 years later in 1974. • 5 billion was reached 13 years later in 1987. • 6 billion was reached 12 years later in 1999. the Earth's population hit 6.5 billion on Saturday February 25, 2006 Have no fear sir, man is more resiliant than you think, homophobia is not necessary.
So much rhetoric from individuals titled "Dr". In my part of the world the title "Dr" suggests one who is learned, wise and skilled. "Dr" A. A Agbormbai, Heinrich Himmler would be proud of you. Nazism declared itself incompatible with homosexuality, because gays did not reproduce and perpetuate the master race. For the same reasons, masturbation was also considered harmful to the Reich, but treated lightly. Ernst Röhm, a man Hitler perceived as a potential threat, and the leader of the SA, the Nazi Party's first militia, was discreetly gay until 1925 when he was outed by a Social Democratic newspaper that published a number of love letters written by Röhm, as were some other top leaders of the SA, such as Edmund Heines. After 1925, Röhm was quite open about his sexuality and was a member of the League for Human Rights, Germany's largest gay-rights group. In late February 1933, as the moderating influence of Ernst Röhm weakened, the Nazi Party launched its purge of homosexual (gay, lesbian, and bisexual; then known as homophile) clubs in Berlin, outlawed sex publications, and banned organised gay groups. As a consequence, many fled Germany (e.g. Erika Mann). In March 1933, Kurt Hiller the main organizer of Magnus Hirshfeld's Institute of Sex Research was sent to a concentration camp.
I here by endorse DaDiceman and Ma Mary for the post of custodians of reason, henceforth......Your country needs you baby! It is refreshing to bask in the glow of your eloquent gems in a cesspool of so much hate and vile mongers.
2006 is already turning out to be monumental. What with Biya rooting out his homies and "homos" having the last laugh or should that read "the last shag". All this, and the year is barely into its 3rd month. No matter how pesimistic or cynical you view the predicament of our beautiful land, sh*t can only get better. Pandora's box has been open, reluctantly, in Biya's case and spectacularly by the courts. All the same we should encourage both parties to continue doing the right thing, henceforth. One parting advise to monsieur Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, take this time out in "Ngata" and reflect on this sordid affair. Think of all those children who will suffer abuse from their peers because of your greed and self-righteousness. Re-evaluate your stance on greed, homosexuality and plain common decency. And by the way, Jean, don't drop the soap!
Time out you all. Unless you know something the rest of us don't, quit accusing folks of homosexuality, else you too would be guilty of giving credibility to what is at best a red herring. There are countless other pressing issues that plague our immediate surroundings. With regards to the poor "journalistic" practices of unscrupulous publications who are quick to point the finger at "Gays" willy nilly, their house of cards will soon come crashing down and the truth will return to haunt their respective charlatans. The charade can only last for so long, player! On the upside: this moment will be remembered as an important watershed in press freedom in years to come. I do not recall any time in our brief history when so many government officials and public figures have been openly accused by newspapers, with such impunity. So as much as the whole homosexuality hoopla exposes the juvenile tendancies of many of our jounalists and kin folks; this episode is a welcome test case for the judiciary. It will set a precedence for future libel actions. Lets follow the Owona vs L'Anecdote case with bated breath.
Reading Endeley's exchange with "Yankee boy", made me cringed all over. Of all the outstanding deserving folks of Buea with something to say to a visiting dignitary, some klutz decided to drag a senile has-been to speak for us. If this is meant to be a joke, then I must have truly missed the punch line. This is my one gripe with our country: the same old guard who were old back in the day, when I was child (read 35 years ago) are still calling the shots today. It is no wonder our nation is in perpetual stagnation. If the likes of Endeley are our best representatives, then you can extrapolate how easy it must have been to annex our lands, lock stock and barrell. The boy Marquardt must be wringing his hands with glee. Pa Endeley stay home, Play with your grand children, write your memoirs, chill, let the next generation in. We got this!