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and what does talking about how the housing cap is going to affect London have anything to with being of interest to the whole of the UK
RE Joe Kane I don't think Oxbridge comes into it, I think it is the new & default position for the UK government to brown nose whoever is in charge of the white house. Also, I think it is scandalous that both administrations complain openly about the compassionate release when if reports are to believed then both of the previous administration were helping BP get their oil. Thus further proving Dara's point
To cite Dara from Mock the Week, it is clear that "the UK government cares more for BP than Scotland"
this is some thing scottish viewers of the BBC get constantly Labour making some invalid point at FMQ but they never show the SNPs response. Also dont get me started on the BBC blogs that would put Pravda to shame
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Even though they should never have made this an issue, it was actually due to a question during the Scottish debate on Sky where someone used Hamilton as an allusion to Melgrahi. That being said Murphy did then use it as capital as can been seen in all the headlines this morning
the problem is the MSM won't run it as it is against the wishes of their London masters
I think it is the saddest day for democracy when to get an unbiased view of what goes on one must rely on blogs and not the main stream media. Also, one must note that the minute that STV started showing teeth, they were pulled out by giving their news service to more of the unionist supporters in the Scottish Media
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Apr 8, 2010