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I agree Renata, that song is really awesome, magical in some way.
Damn, Im feeling an urge to kick that guy in the face
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Jan 20, 2010
Believe it or not many people were under impression first few days and they joined here to be with people that feel the same about the movie. Now, after few days, weeks passed they moved with their daily routines and got sucked into the "old world" again. Some will never come back and some will continue to live their lives with new view on it. Im definitely belonging to that second group.
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Jan 20, 2010
Everybody's still here i guess
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2010 on Where did everybody go? at AVATAR
Yes, that's it. Thanks :)
Hey everyone. Does anyone know what is this song playing at the start of the trailer? Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2010 at AVATAR
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Jan 14, 2010
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Jan 14, 2010