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Call me crazy, but...I think Netflix is being totally reasonable and justified. It's still great value for what you get, and cripes,'s not like they're limiting the number of hours your pace-maker or oxygen tank can run. It's video entertainment.
Yep, have done it all the time, for years. I also use the "pause account" option when I know I'm going to be gone for a few weeks (and won't be in a position to utilize the streaming), so I don't pay for a service I'm not using.
Whoops...that comment/reply should have been to @mnxmfan though I'm still having bandwidth envy of @DAVe.
@DAVe Thanks, but a 5GB cap is par for the course on 3G mobile broadband, which is the only broadband I can get right now where I live. 250GB cap on Comcast? Whoa! Holy crap, that's like the holy grail of bandwidth allotments! I now officially have bandwidth envy :) While AFAIR, Netflix' service is only available in the US, I thought this article might be of interest: Canadian ISPs are now setting caps and raising fees, to compensate for the increased bandwidth usage.
"Unlimited sells [...] it's just good business" Whoa...time to put down the crack pipe and step away from The Partridge Family marathon... I'm on a 5GB/mo cap, and most providers are toying with 10-20GB caps.
2%? TWO%??? If I hadn't read it on, I'd think that amount was a joke. Yes, I was affected by the outage, no I didn't receive an email regarding the bank-breaking 2-3% credit.
Odd that these figures in the article seem to contradict the figures from the link Ethan Cooper posted (first comment) from Am I misreading something?
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Oct 22, 2010