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I assumed Garrett won, but I also found the presentation of that information not as clear as it could have been. I agree about the flashbacks, and it didn't occur to me until looking up one of the performers that this was NOT presented back-to-back the way miniseries like Roots were, but over a series of months -- and not even, say, every Sunday, but sometimes with wild gaps. So, I guess I understand the desire for flashbacks, but considering we only get two episodes to cover 80 years? Yeah -- time NOT well spent. I too was not AS disappointed in "Scream Of Eagles" upon my second viewing, Charlotte's speech at the end of the previous episode was SO amazing, and really summed up that "only the land lives forever" theme. Perhaps instead of repeating the comments from the debate, he could have delivered a rousing victory speech? But in my mind, "Centennial" will always be 11 episodes, and "Scream Of Eagles" will sort of be like "Rich Man Poor Man, Book II."
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Aug 6, 2021