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Fred Talmadge
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I miss Speed Channel but it would cost me $70 a month for satelite to get it. I live in a rural area so no cable and not enough bandwidth to stream. So it's Netflix disks and antanae for me
A pretty sad group of dvd's released this week.
Guess I haven't been paying attention but I never heard of UV until now. From what little I read I don't want a new DVD disc or some kind of DRM control that I have to hack to get it to play on my Linux box.
Why don't they just push it out two years and see if any one cares
If this was around a few years ago when I wanted to share my movie list with others I'd welcome it. Now I'm tired of of all this social media stuff.
Yea it's kind of a bummer, but right now I'm not watching that much tv/movies so I'm not overly concerned about it. Not much that can be done about it.
Seems like a conflict of interest. Legal chalenges, FCC, and upset customers. Doesn't look good for them.
Actually it should be on every form of communication possible. If it truly is an emergency I want to know.
Using Linux and a spam filter helps avoids these problems as well.
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Nov 12, 2011