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Needs a gender-neutral general title: "Mx" == It has one now!
I wonder if Allie Brosh is doing any better....
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2012 on Shockwave Flash on my Macintosh at WWdN: In Exile
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Well, it's certainly OK to be human. I can certainly understand your reaction to someone (quite falsely) calling you out in a public sphere. It became a bit of a Striesand Effect; I'd certainly never have heard of @GamePolitics otherwise, but then I'm not really involved in political efforts anywhere, really, so maybe that's moot. You've certainly been a visible and good advocate for gamers and games. One person's ignorance is not necessarily something get riled up about, but it is understandable when someone smashes your Death Star. When someone else is acting like a jerk, perhaps it's possible, even necessary, to be more strident in your response. I don't think you came off like a jerk, though. Calling out an incorrect calling out is appropriate. As for the gamerdad thing, that was really craven of ECA to cave on that. Trademarks aren't universal ownership of words or phrases. Having a trademark doesn't give one exclusive use of that term, only in the context of doing business where there might be some confusion. It isn't a license to browbeat anyone or any company into complying with their demands for exclusivity. And especially in a comment like that, there would be no real confusion of you for this other person. Too many people do not understand intellectual property laws at all, and improperly apply them all the time. Just read TechDirt sometime and you'll see it done over and over again. Yet the IP bullies always seem to win, which just strengthens their position for the next time they feel entitled to bully someone into submission on their mistaken belief of ownership. Ideas can't be owned. Words alone can't be owned. You have as much right to call yourself a gamerdad as anyone else, in most every context except where there might be confusion as to business trade with this other person -- which doesn't extend to all aspects of the commercial world, and certainly not the non-commercial world.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2010 on in which wil goes HULK SMASH at WWdN: In Exile
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Those eyes!!! SQUEE!
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Yep. Boardgames seems like the killer app for the iPad. I thought about this a while ago, too. Being able to take games like these on the road easily would be awesome in the least.
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Mar 31, 2010