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Let's stick with "Belt Bag"! It's hard enough to get over the concept of these carryalls being cool again, but if you were laughed at during their first heyday by any self-respecting Brit who used "fanny" in a completely different way than we do, it's near impossible.
Sigh. Normally I wouldn't think of disagreeing with you, but (as I'm sure you're aware) here in the greater-Boulder-area, the "Instead of This" column is actually the epitome of dad-street-cred. Apparently you do need superior traction for normal dadding activities (and Keen and Crocs are busting out more styles and colors than ever, so they're undoubtedly aware of this...) Thanks for the other options though - my husband is due for his decade-shoe-change, so it's lovely to have these in hand. :)
With those delicious boys, who needs accessories? Awesome post to wrap up the week - thanks!
All completely adorable, as always. How is it that a sweater that you wear "to death" shows absolutely no pilling?!? What's your secret?
Oh! OhSoFreakingAdorable! I am going shopping right now. BTW, I am a B cup but like my bikini tops (and bras) snug and very, very supportive. I have found some gems at Title Nine Sports - printed cute tankinis too, that you could wear all day and swim in too. Also, for more support/coverage, go retro - Kooey is a brand I found on that just looks fab and has underwire options. Thanks for the inspiration today! Can't wait for the sun!
What a resource! I now wish all my friends weren't already married. Any suggestions for the same kind of rental for, say, the over-the-knee boots?
"completely forgetting that I have more than one child" ... heh heh heh! priceless! I followed the link to Fab Kids, and the front page doesn't seem to have been updated from when they only dressed, it seems, girls. But if you try to sign up, the boys' stuff shows up. Just FYI for lazy clickers like me...
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2013 on Cool Kid Style: Fab Kids at Ain't No Mom Jeans
#5 are that expensive because they actually come with the model, and a guarantee that everyone will mistake her for you at your holiday party. :)
I'm currently experimenting with plaid on plaid. Maybe try a plaid scarf (silk or something a bit gauzy, if you can find one) with the black tee?
Never seen a head scarf look so sexy. Wow. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, cancer!
Hi Leslie - I used to feel that way about camo in general - that it was sort of blasphemous - I'm curious what your husband thinks (not about the fashion aspect, of course!)?
Does anyone know if those skinny shelf standards hold books? About 50 lbs per linear foot? S, you probably don't to hear this, but of course Denver has IKEA now too. :)
Please don't. Tell me. That shoulder pads are back? Oh for the love of Max Headroom... I won't do it, I won't, I won't! Otherwise adorable, as always.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2013 on Shopping: Chic, Soft Jackets at Ain't No Mom Jeans
Just started reading your blog, so the reply is late. Head scarves only work for me if I have the hair all up above the scarf, like the model. Then there's nothing slippery under it, and it stays up - mostly. Which brings up the issue - hair or no hair, you'll be a Chemo Role Model. If anyone can show us what bald chic looks like, it is you. All good wishes your way for September!
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Aug 19, 2013