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"For example, how do we make parents more caring about their children, or reduce the tendency of women from the lower classes to have children without being married or without being in other stable relationships with the fathers of their children?" ----------------------------------------------- Reduce the tendency of women from lower classes to have children by ensuring access to reliable, affordable contraception. Period. Single mothers, especially those already starting out from a disadvantaged socioeconomic position, are often unable to experience upward mobility with the added the burdens of single parenthood. Enforcing child support orders won't make fathers "care" more, but ensuring that women aren't forced into this situation with a man with whom she isn't in a stable relationship in the first place may be a good place to start. Let the deadbeats be deadbeats, but we don't need to continue having policies that result in them becoming deadbeat fathers. Furthermore, I think that Becker should tread lightly in the assumption that single parents 'not caring' is the reason for this divide. Single parents, regardless of gender, simply do not have enough hours in the day to do everything. It has nothing to do with intent--it's just simply the reality. Increasing the level of education at the primary school level won't help if children aren't able to get the same level of support and quality time from their single parent that their peers in two-parent households have. This problem is much more complex, which is why it is even more imperative that women (especially in the lower classes) are given access to affordable, reliable contraception. Circumvent the practical problems of being a single parent that are apparently at the center of the class divide by making sure that women CAN prevent pregnancy until they are either married or in a stable relationship.
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Mar 13, 2012