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The fact is, you are at risk to get substandard health care solely because you're Chinese. And racism, while hidden behind the facade of politeness in adults, is pervasive in this country. Um, no. The study suffered from the same logical flaw that religious creationists like to exploit, which is the god in the gaps hypothesis which here transforms into the racism in the gaps hypothesis. They saw unequal outcomes when sorted through a filter of race, isolated whatever other variables they could identify and then shoved the remainder of the variance into the category of racism. Accusations of racism are pretty serous and when they're unfounded they're scandalous. The professions of health care, education and social work tend to draw a lot of people who are intent on helping people, fighting injustice and who are ever sensitive to racist behavior. To turn around and accuse these people of being racist simply because their is unexplained variance in medical outcomes when parsed by race is offensive. Those unexplained outcomes are present regardless of the race of the physician. The only morally valid way to throw out the charge that there exist a racist filter in the delivery of healthcare is to measure it directly. Inferring that it exists due to unequal outcomes, while not accounting for the genetic reality of race and the medical consequences which arise from the genetic basis of race grossly misdiagnoses the problem, unjustly tarnishes the reputations of all people in the health care field, misdirects health care resources, engenders unwarranted suspicion in patients, and in short does no damn good at all.
(Kate’s complaint in the previous post that Asian men lack verbal skills has no basis in fact.) If Kate is, say 28, and she is dating 17 year old Asian men who have just completed their SATs, then yes, you have a point. However, if Kate is dating in a same-age cohort then for your statement to be true you'd need to show us the Asian results of the SATs from 1999 or so.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on 2009 SAT scores: good news for Asians at Half Sigma
To wash that disgust from your palate, take a sip of Governor Palin's editorial in the Washington Post. I know that you, in particular, will enjoy this refreshing analysis. :)
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2009 on Barbara Boxer on global warming at Half Sigma